We offer a value added end-to-end real estate investing service
We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals.
Leave all of the legwork and hard work to us. Our end-to-end comprehensive solution includes property selection, acquisition, management, and sales, providing a hands-free investing experience. We can customize our service to meet each individual investors needs.
Sourcing the right opportunities
We analyze data points to identify the next market to tip. We gather housing demographic, economic, social, and other hyperlocal data to build a complete data set accurately reflecting the investment potential of geographic markets and identify where strong investment opportunities are today but also where they are today and likely to occur in the future.
Identify Neighborhoods
We look for neighborhoods that off­er favorable conditions that are attractive to potential investors and will provide the best return on investment. These factors include: median income level that is 3x rent, high rental demand, proximity to jobs, and quality schools.
Build You a Custom Portfolio
We are able to curate a real estate investment portfolio that best matches your investment goals with the focus always being on maximizing returns.
Manage Your Portfolio
We offer a full suite of comprehensive services to suite every type of investor and work together with the purchasers, sellers, lawyers, accountants, Municipalities, CMHC, tax consultants, property managers, appraisers, mortgage lenders, structural and environmental engineers, fire retrofit consultants, insurance brokers, landlord associations, suppliers of products and services to the industry, we are constantly one step ahead.